Uprising is a first person shooter game, which goals is to jump from platforms to platforms to get to the top of the map, and to shoot the other players to make them fall. The last player remaining wins. This game aims to be simple and easy to play.




I am interested in new technologies and computing science. I am in charge of all the design in the game and in the website. I am also in charge of all the different kind of weapons in the game, starting from the shoot to the aim, and also the animation.


I am interested by development for a few years already. My curiosity pushed me to learn how to code and to lead a few personal projects. Since then, I like to develop a project from its start to its end, through all its aspects.


I am very interested in development and computing science, and especially when it comes to video games. Indeed, I really like to play, and after having the opportunity to program a game in python with other people last year, I figured out I really like to create games too.


I started coding 4 years ago and since then it has become a real hobby. I like developing different types of application, especially when working with a team.